Plastic without Pollution

What if there was a way to make plastic harmless and go away when it's no longer needed?

With Australia's best scientists we’ve developed super enzyme technology that makes this possible.

  • The Problem

    Plastic is harming our health, environment and oceans.

  • Our Solution

    Strong and useful bioplastics with Enzide’s super enzymes inside return to nature after use.

  • The Outcome

    No microplastics. No pollution.

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Our purpose

Enzide is building a future where plastic no longer harms planet and people.

We’re focussed on plastic pollution in our oceans, where it is injuring wildlife and microplastics are getting into our food chain.

Understanding the challenges of global waste disposal and recycling, Enzide is solving plastic from the start when it is manufactured and disrupting the trillion-dollar plastics industry in the process.

About us
Our technology

It’s complex science but a simple idea: plastic without pollution.

Partnering with CSIRO, Enzide funded six years of research and the development of our unique super enzymes.

Deployed as an additive in plastic manufacturing, our technology breaks down plastic fast after use.

Testing shows plastic with Enzide inside breaks down significantly faster, especially in salt water.

A pollution solution built-in from the start. We’re working on advancements now, with exciting results.

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How it works

  • An additive for conventional manufacturing.

  • Enzide kickstarts rapid disintegration after use.

  • Microbes finish the job. What’s left is water and naturally occurring carbon dioxide.

    No microplastics. No pollution.

Our team

We're about real impact on plastic pollution.

We’ve got surfers, hang gliders and wing foilers involved and know the effect of plastic pollution from lived experience.

Our science-driven team brings decades of experience turning lab science into technology.

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We understand that collaboration is crucial to solving global plastic pollution.

We're partnering to scale our technology quickly, to have the biggest impact

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Plastic can get complex.

But stripped to the essentials, it's a story of the Good, the Bad, (and now with Enzide) the Better.