the good

We can make plastic better

Plastic makes life easier. Preventing disease, saving lives in hospitals, improving sanitation, providing lightweight water transport water to billions of people and advancing technology.

  • We're hooked

    Since the 1970s, plastic production has grown faster than any other material. Production is forecast to triple by 2060.

  • The good

    We need to make plastic better to keep the benefits and stop the waste and pollution. Bioplastics start to tackle to plastic problem.

  • Reusable, recyclable and compostable.

  • Can break down safely into natural elements.

  • A non-toxic replacement for fossil fuel plastics.

But there is a catch

Only a fraction of the plastic we use is made of bioplastics.

While made from renewable resources, most bioplastics need to be treated by industrial compost facilities to break down.

Enzide makes bioplastics work

To realize their potential Enzide is advancing bioplastics.

Enzide and certified bioplastics make a powerful combination.

With Enzide enzymes inside, bioplastics can be thick & strong, applied to a wide range of useful products and still break down fast after use.

Enzide is targeting the highest global product certifications, so manufacturers and consumers can be certain that Enzide products will return to nature.

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Strong demand fueling better plastics

People and governments want action on plastic and pollution.

Growing awareness about environmental damage and stricter regulations are driving the adoption of sustainable alternatives.

Our technology is the catalyst for a new class of environmentally responsible plastics that can be strong and useful and at the same time certified biodegradable.